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What Does Auto Insurance Cover?

Auto insurance comes in three coverage levels:


Provides financial protection for drivers if they cause an accident that results in property damage or bodily injury to others. It is typically mandatory in most jurisdictions and helps cover the costs associated with repairing or replacing damaged property, as well as medical expenses and legal fees resulting from injuries sustained by the other party. Liability insurance does not cover the insured driver's own vehicle or their personal medical expenses.


Helps pay for the repair or replacement of your own vehicle, regardless of who is at fault. Collision insurance covers the cost of repairs up to the actual cash value of your vehicle, minus the deductible you choose. It provides you with peace of mind by protecting your investment and ensuring that you have financial support to get your vehicle back on the road after an accident.


Provides protection for a wide range of non-collision-related damages to your vehicle — like theft, vandalism, fire, natural disasters, falling objects and damage caused by animals. Comprehensive insurance can be valuable in safeguarding your vehicle against unforeseen circumstances.

Do I Need Auto Insurance?

Liability insurance is required in 49 states. Without it, you could face penalties and fines. But liability only protects other drivers in the event of an accident. To protect yourself (and your ride), consider adding collision and comprehensive coverage to your plan.